It’s been a while since I posted anything to my personal site, but I figured I should update with the news that I’m leaving Brighton (and the UK) after nearly nine years living by the seaside. I’ll be sad to leave this city, which is the greatest place to live in the country, but I have to opportunity to go explore the world and I’d be crazy to let it pass me by.

So what am I doing? In ten short days, I plan to sell all my possessions bar those I need to live and work day to day and will be moving to Spain for three months. I’m renting a flat in Madrid, where I’ll continue to work for my software development business and set about improving both my Spanish and my fitness.

If you want to follow my adventures, or read about the reasons for my change, then check out the Experimental Nomad website.

In the continuing saga I like to call “Dave, what’s wrong with your
ex-employer today?”, I’m still missing large chunks of my pension.
Finally had enough of my former employers not giving me any answers or
claiming to be looking into it, as I’ve been asking since around last
March. As per this
guide, I’ve started making efforts to resolve the problem myself. The
first step has been to formally request a copy of the pension scheme’s dispute
resolution procedure. I sent them an email last wednesday and hand
delivered a letter last night, giving them until the 9th February to
supply me with the procedure. If by then they haven’t I’ll contact the
The Pension Advisory
. I’m hoping it won’t come to that, but given the lack of any
progress in the past, I’m not holding out much hope.

I don’t know about Belgium, but in the UK, the norm is a month for most
people and 3 months for senior members of staff. Of course, you may or
may not be given work to do during that period. Usually your employers
will want you to document and help hand over to a new person. However if
you have a bad relationship with your employers, they may put you on garden
where you arent in the office, but are being paid. Presumably
this is to stop you stealing their data or doing some other malicious
act. All this stuff is normally written into your employment contract.
Without one it is possible to leave your employer within
a week.

So far, in the last 12 hours, I’ve discovered that my payslips from
this time last year bear no resemblence to reality, my pension company
has failed to recieve approximately 1900GBP of money that should have
been paid into it and O2 have managed to transfer my mobile number to
completely the wrong SIM. I’m still waiting for April so I can call the
Inland Revenue to find out what happened to all the student loan
repayments I made at my previous company (Approx 700GBP).

Have spoken with O2, who are going to transfer my number ot the right
SIM, hopefully in the next 2 hours. Need to speak to the guy that does
payroll in the office, when he comes in next.

Sucks to be me.

Update: Phone now works.

Found out that I’d been libelled by an old school friend
last night. Apparently I was mentioned as part of LugRadio’s highly amusing Look Queer for the
New Year
competition. Listen to the stream here (about 2
minutes in). I mean how insulting is it to be told you look
queer by a guy who looks like this:

I don’t know if I’m more insulted about only coming third or by the
fact that I don’t get a prize. Wish I’d slept with his girlfriend now
(or at least her sister).

You can run Jono, but you can’t hide.

Today is the first day this year where I’ve walked out my door and
thought “What a lovely day. Spring is officially here.” The sun was
shining and and it was pleasantly not cold. Lunch was spent eating a
lovely thai style chicken ciabatta from Redeli sitting on the beach. Was
warm enough in the sun to sit without wearing a jacket. This was why
I moved to Brighton.

Half an hour after returning to the office, it rained.