Pension issues

In the continuing saga I like to call “Dave, what’s wrong with your
ex-employer today?”, I’m still missing large chunks of my pension.
Finally had enough of my former employers not giving me any answers or
claiming to be looking into it, as I’ve been asking since around last
March. As per this
guide, I’ve started making efforts to resolve the problem myself. The
first step has been to formally request a copy of the pension scheme’s dispute
resolution procedure. I sent them an email last wednesday and hand
delivered a letter last night, giving them until the 9th February to
supply me with the procedure. If by then they haven’t I’ll contact the
The Pension Advisory
. I’m hoping it won’t come to that, but given the lack of any
progress in the past, I’m not holding out much hope.

2 thoughts on “Pension issues

  1. I agree the CAB might be able to help. My other half is trying to get his last months wages out of his old place and they are apparently telling the job agencies/job centre that he never worked there even though he has the pay slips to prove it. Why do people have to make things so difficult.

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