A Bit of a Confusing Morning

So far, in the last 12 hours, I’ve discovered that my payslips from
this time last year bear no resemblence to reality, my pension company
has failed to recieve approximately 1900GBP of money that should have
been paid into it and O2 have managed to transfer my mobile number to
completely the wrong SIM. I’m still waiting for April so I can call the
Inland Revenue to find out what happened to all the student loan
repayments I made at my previous company (Approx 700GBP).

Have spoken with O2, who are going to transfer my number ot the right
SIM, hopefully in the next 2 hours. Need to speak to the guy that does
payroll in the office, when he comes in next.

Sucks to be me.

Update: Phone now works.

2 thoughts on “A Bit of a Confusing Morning

  1. I’ve been chasing up pension issues too. By my calculations I’m missing a similar wedge. Pay seems to be fine though. Our accounts department sucks (actually I don’t know about Rob, but the last few people certainly did).

  2. Moonlight as a highwayman.

    The pension payments – do you lose anything if you aren’t credited with the amount, backdated?

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