Tax Office Blues

This morning I phoned my tax office to tell them that I no longer
have a company car and to get my tax code changed. I’m currently
paying 120GBP tax on a benefit I don’t have. It turns out they didn’t
know I was working for my last company. They never submitted the P45
I gave them, telling the tax office I had started working for them in
late April. They never submitted a P11D tellling the tax office I
had a company car and they never submitted a P46 telling them I left
in mid November.

This leaves me wondering if the company never told the tax office I
was working for them, did they actually pay my tax or National
Insurance? Did they pay my student loan? If not, what happened to the
money and what will happen to me in April when the tax office sorts
the end of year stuff out?

Oh and does anyone know where I can find the CO2 emissions
on a Vauxhall Vectra LS?

4 thoughts on “Tax Office Blues

  1. If your payslips subtract taxes from your pay, then I think you can whinge loudly at your ex-employer to cough up, as they clearly still have the cash.  If they don’t, you should have noticed earlier 🙂

    You can normally find the CO2 emissions from the exhaust pipe. 🙂

  2. I hope you kept your payslips! If so, and they show the deductions, you’re fine, as it’s then their responsibility legally. That said, I don’t know how they’d know how much to deduct without a tax code from the Inland Revenue. Talk to the IR.

    The CO2 emissions (that matter as far as road tax etc are concerned with) differ depending on the engine size and whether it’s petrol or diesel. has a few of the emissions listed.

  3. Apparently the ex-employer should be fully liable for paying those contributions – but Gareth has a point here; You might well need to prove that they actually claimed to have been making deductions.

    Finally, note also that they are supposed to inform the tax office with some reasonable expedience but I  do not think they are necessarily forced to do so until end of year tax filings. So they might decide to clean up the situation and pay off monies that they have claimed already.

    I am not a lawyer obviously.


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