Argh, my eye

Monday evening I managed to scratch my right eye taking out a contact
lens just before I went to sleep. I’ve scratched my eye before and
didn’t think anything of it. Just went to sleep thinking it’ll be
fine in the morning.

It wasn’t. It still hurt as much as the night before. Had a shower
and it wasn’t feeling too bad, but had the occasional twinges. Put in
a contact lens in my left eye and headed to work and was in
discomfort all morning so at lunch time I decided to find an optician
I could visit, just to put my mind at rest I wasn’t going to end up
blind or something. Annoyingly my optician is 120 miles away, near my
parents, in Milton Keynes, and the nearest branch is a 20 minutes
train ride away.

First I tried Boots, only to be told that
they don’t do emergency appointments and I would need a full eye
test, but they couldn’t fit me in today anyway. Next was Specsavers,
who basically told me they wouldn’t even think about looking at me
unless I became a customer. Finally I went next door to Eyesite who
said I’d probably need a full eyesight test but they could fit me in
early afternoon and would cost me

2 thoughts on “Argh, my eye

  1. And that is why I will never switch to contacts.

    Hope your eye is feeling better soon; problems that affect vision are really obnoxious.

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