Househunting Part 1

As a result of changing jobs I have to move to Brighton and find
somewhere to live. So with this in mind I drove down on saturday, to
Brighton to have a look at a couple of places. One of the places
sounded really nice, in a fantastic location and I’d seen it from the
outside the weekend before, so I was rather pleased when it was just
as nice inside too. The second bedroom was a little bit small for a
double bedroom and the bathroom was downstairs next to the kitchen,
but I could live with those.

After looking at another place I decided to put a holding deposit on
the first flat. Trundled down to the agents and handed over 200GBP
cash and picked up some forms and then headed to the pub to celebrate
finding somewhere. After about 20 minutes I got a phone call from the
agents just to get some details to tell the landlady about me. About
15 minutes later I got another phone call telling me that when she
had phoned the landlady, she said another agent had taken a holding
deposit on Friday, but she hadn’t bothered telling the agents I went

So now I’m back to square one and still don’t have anywhere
to live. Did a bit of retail therapy and bought a nice warm coat for
when I have to walk to work in the cold Brighton wind and rain. Oh
and as I was still stressed, I got my ear pierced.

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