Today I resigned from my current job, because I have accepted a new
job in Brighton, working for Runtime Collective. They
seem more into the idea of open source than SMT were. Their main
product is an open sourced content management system written in Java.
It seems their main source of income is selling support, hosting and
customised versions. They are based right down on the seafront; about
50 metres from the beach and opposite the best pub in Brighton. 🙂

I’ll be joining as a member of their support team. For those
interested, the geeky details of the job can be found in the job
. They have already mentioned to me about doing debian
packaging for the CMS. They are also interested at doing corporate GNOME

As SMT haven’t given me a contract after 6 months and the new company
are desperate to get me started as soon as possible, I’ve given SMT a
week’s notice. They wanted me to start on the 15th, but I’ve said to
them that I’ll start on the 22nd so I have time to search for
somewhere to live. For at least the first week I’ll be staying in the
youth hostel, which is two doors down from the offices. I’m looking
for a 2 bedroom flat to rent in the North Laines area. I really want
to live close to the city centre and near the trendy area. I’m fed up
with living in the middle of nowhere, driving everwhere and not

I think I’m going miss lots of people and places, so you are all
welcome to come visit me and I know I’ll be back lots, especially to
the Soundhaus which has very quickly become my favourite haunt on a
Saturday night. I hope I can find somewhere just as good in Brighton.

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