I’m currently upgrading my blog to PyBlosxom 1.4.3. I apologise for
any broken links or entry flooding.

Update: I’ve finished playing now. I’ve upgraded to
1.4.3 and I don’t think I’ve broken anything yet.

I’ve also taken the opportunity to add a couple of plugins to add
tagging to entries and added the obligatory tag cloud to the side bar
rather than the list of months. I’m going to make some changes to the
comment plugin later to add OpenID support. I’d be interested to know of
any other pyBlosxom plugins you find useful.

I did manage to make a mistake by using vim to edit entries to
add some tags rather than my wrapper script to keep timestamps the same.
This is where I’m glad I have a database table with the metadata from
all my entries to hand. A quick touch foo.txt -d 2006-06-07
later and everything was fixed. Hopefully not too many
people got bitten by the few entries that had new dates for a few
minutes. Please let me know if you notice anything broken.