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To make things explicitly clear, my blog is copyrighted and licensed
as “All rights reserved”. It even says that at the footer of every page.
That means you may not redistribute any content without my permission.
Yes, this means you, Ross Beazley. I may allow aggregation sites to
redistribute my content, but the only sites where I have given explicit
permission are Planet Debian and Planet BNM. I am unlikely to be upset
if your aggregation site links back to the original entry and does not
carry advertising, and will probably give you permission. If both these
conditions are not met, you do not have permission and will not be
granted permission.

7 thoughts on “Blog Copyright

  1. Not that I want to question your copyright to your blog, but I want to nitpick: “All rights reserved” is not a license and does not mean what you think. It’s only a boilerplate copyright notice text that used to be necessary in some jurisdictions until 1988 to have full copyright.

    Incidentally, that also means that “All rights reserved” is not contradictory with the work being under any other license, including for example GPL or MIT.

    Not that this matters that much, since by default you have not granted anybody a license to use your text (beyond fair use/citation rights etc. which you cannot deny anybody) anyway.


    for more information if you wish.

  2. Anonymous
    on said:

    Given your stated wishes, you might consider using a license like CC-by-nc-sa.  That covers the requirement to properly attribute, and the requirement to not use advertising or similar.

  3. Sorry, that was probably just badly worded. I know that it’s not a license as such. It’s meant more as an explicit statement that content on my website is not licensed in any other form.

  4. Unfortunately, your rss feed that you offer doesn’t contain that statement (appart of being part of this very entry). I suggest you to limit access to your feed if you want to have it reserved and not blame others that they use what you freely offer.

  5. @Gerfried: It’s the responsibility of the copier to check they have permission to copy a work.

    Works are copyright by default (at least, in those countries that have signed the Berne Convention which is most).

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