SCIM ate my shift-space

I’ve been running Hardy on my workstation for a while and had
recently noticed that I was failing to type a space after “I”. I was
doing it far too much for it to just be me failing to press the space
bar properly, and it wasn’t happening after any other letter. After a
little bit of experiementing, I discovered that something was eating
shift-space. What was happening was that I was failing to release the
shift key quick enough after typing “I” and before I hit the space bar,
so it wasn’t getting passed on.

Turns out that the problem was a recent update of Hardy installed
SCIM, which uses
shift-space as a keyboard shortcut. To turn it off, load the SCIM Setup
program and go to the FrontEnd Global Setup screen and remove
“Shift+Space” from the Trigger hotkey.

Caused confusion for a few minutes. 🙂

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