Phisher aren’t even trying

Phishers aren’t even trying these days:

The following things stand out:

  • The date header is +0900. Suspicion rating: 2/10
  • The recorded log in time is in EST. The Halifax and myself are in GMT. Suspicion rating: 6/10
  • The recorded log in time hadn’t occured by the time I get the email. Suspicion rating: 8/10
  • I don’t bank with the Halifax. Suspicion rating: 10 million/10

One thought on “Phisher aren’t even trying

  1. I know it’s an old post, but have you read that article on HN about how phishers and spam mailers think? Nowadays they purposefully create their headlines/contents in a way, that normal people (or spam filters) won’t fall for them. This leaves theme with the precious people who are unaware and stupid enough to really send them money, credit card data etc. So the number of viewers shrinks but the percentage of people who pay off for them after reading the initial mail increases dramatically.

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