SIP/Desktop Integration

Dear Lazyweb,

I’m possibly asking for the moon on a stick here, but in the office
we have VoIP phones, which talk to our Asterisk server. Unfortunately,
the ringtone on them are incredibly quiet and I tend to listen to music
and don’t notice either the ring or the small green flashing light when
a call comes in.

The question then is does anyone know of a program which will talk
SIP to the asterisk server and notice when a call comes in and turn my
music down and display a notification?

8 thoughts on “SIP/Desktop Integration

  1. Faidon Liambotis
    on said:

    I don’t know a program, but SIP is not what you’re looking for.

    You’re better off with something that uses the Manager interface, either via telnet or via web (Asterisk 1.4)

    Perhaps you could make something that IMs you using jabber with chan_gtalk (1.4) or chan_jingle (SVN HEAD).

    Just food for thought.

  2. Scott Eisert
    on said:

    Asterisk can be configured to call multiple extensions simultaneously. 

    If you configure Asterisk to call both your hard phone as well as a sip softphone ( twinkle? ) on your desktop at the same time then you have an interruption there, but still answer your hard phone.

    – Scott

  3. Rob Kendrick
    on said:

    If you find a nice solution to this, I’m interested.  I’m fed up of yelling downstairs when Dan’s away from his work SIP phone working on his laptop.

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