Old Style Firefox Tabs

Firefox 2 is an improvement on previous versions, but one thing
annoys me is the new tab style. I don’t like having a close button on
each tab and I don’t like it hiding tabs after you have a certain number
open. Fortunately you can fix this. Go to about:config in the URL and
then set browser.tabs.closeButtons to 3 and browser.tabs.tabMinWidth to
0 and now you should have a close button on the right and all tabs

4 thoughts on “Old Style Firefox Tabs

  1. Alexander Toresson
    on said:

    What annoys me even more in the ui are the new styles of the tab buttons, url box and search box. These do not use your gtk2 theme, instead they use some custom widgets because of ‘the new theme redesign for firefox 2.0’. And there’s no way to get back to the pure old gtk2 widgets.

  2. Alexander Toresson
    on said:

    Hello Mikael,

    Thanks for your tip. However, that winestripe theme didn’t really know how to follow my gtk2 theme, so stuff looked even more ugly with it than with the default theme. Oh well, guess I’m back to 1.5 again…

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