Eddie 0.2 RSS and Atom Parser

I noticed today that Mark Pilgrim
linked to Eddie, my liberal RSS and Atom parsing library for Java, so I
figured I should make a new release. It’s been a few months since I did
any serious work on the parser, but in the last few days I’ve reduced
the number of test case failures to less than 100 out of 3502 test cases
which come as part of Mark’s Feedparser parser for python. The
majority of the failures are in the date parsing routines and due to
bugs in the Jython library which cause literal dictionaries not to match
with classes inherited fro PyDictionary.

Improvements in this version include:

  • Massively improved support for different character encodings. With
    Java 6, it also has support for UTF32 feeds.
  • CDF Support.
  • Optional support of TagSoup for sanitizing of HTML in entries.
  • Improved support for different input sources including String,
    InputStream and byte[].
  • Numerous bug fixes, with 97% of test cases passing, up from 90%

If you use Eddie, drop me an email. I’d like to thank Mark Pilgrim
again for providing the community with a fantastic and comprehensive
suite of test cases, extensive documentation and a first class Python

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