Network Troubleshooting Article

It’s been a while since I last wrote an article, but I’ve just
published a new one on troubleshooting
. It’s based on a
couple of emails I sent to a mailing list helping someone with their
networking problem. I decided to clean it up a bit and publish it. It is
mostly for finding where the problem lies, rather than fixing the issue,
but I would be grateful for any comments you have, particularly if you
think I’ve missed any obvious steps.

2 thoughts on “Network Troubleshooting Article

  1. Under heading ‘ip networking’ you still have a line that reads ‘I’ll let you work thought this email before we move onto dealing with routing and DNS.’

  2. Andrew Black
    on said:

    In my experience two things tend to go wrong
    – incorrect DNS settings
    – incorrect netmasks
    So many times I have seen people test “ping” and wonder why it doesn’t work.

    You have correctly suggested pinging a host by IP but it might be worth spelling out why you do that.

    I would add a ping to a host on the same local network by IP address.

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