New Delivery

For the last few weeks, we’ve had a couple of pigeons nesting in one
corner of the small triangular piece of glass I delude myself into
calling a garden. Yesterday the egg they’ve been incubating hatched and
we now have a small yellow ball of fluff my girlfriend has named

and Mother/Father

4 thoughts on “New Delivery

  1. Ann Walters
    on said:

    For around 2 weeks we watched as a pair of pigeons built a flat nest in one of our garden trees.  The pair then sat on the ‘nest’ for around 4 weeks, we had given up hope about a baby when about 4 days ago my husband called me outside to look up into the tree.  There in the top branches on the flat nest was a rather large baby pigeon.  Last night around 7.00 p.m., we watched as the parents and baby emerged from the tree, flapped around and then flew to the garage rooftop, we were fascinated, I took a few pictures but my little camera couldnt take close up, nevertheless we had witnessed a baby pigeon learning to fly.  They are looked upon as vermin in the UK, but, a bird is a bird and we were so thrilled.  Ann in Thatcham  22.7.07

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