Makes you look big *and* clever

To the anonymous Texan that thought it would be a good idea to point
out a Perl module in response to my date parsing class in Java:

I’m well aware of date parsing modules in other languages. In fact
I’ve used them for similar tasks. But the post wasn’t asking “How do I
parse dates in Perl?” It was giving some code that some people might
find useful.

Commenting with “man Date::Parse” doesn’t make you look clever; it
just makes you look like a twat and the kind of person people are
relucant to invite to parties. You may be a geek and you may know stuff,
but that doesn’t mean you have to try to look clever, because you will
invariably fail.


Oh and Erich, I’ve got some more date formats I want to add support
for, so I’ll add german dates and post the updated code. 🙂

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