Creating a Certificate Authority

Sometimes you need to generate several SSL certificates, but don’t want to pay money to a Trusted Root, and self-signed certificates just won’t cut it. If you’ve ever had this dilemma, just for you, here’s an article describing how to set up your own trusted root certificate and how to import it into several common applications. If you want me to add your favourite application, feel free to email me with instructions and screenshots if appropriate.

3 thoughts on “Creating a Certificate Authority

  1. CACert still doesn’t have it’s root certificate shipped with major browsers or operating systems, so you still have to install their certificate on all your devices. Also their web of trust is completely unnecessary for a closed group like a company.

    Lastly, I don’t particularly trust them. They have failed to understand PGP, so I’m not convinced that they can be trusted to understand X509 either.

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