Atom feed and Planet Debian

I upgraded my atom feed to atom 1.0 during the week. This appears to
have broken my entries on Planet Debian. If anyone has any ideas on what
I can do to make planet like me with a valid atom 1.0 feed, please let
me know.

Update: I’ve changed my feed from having html
content to xhtml, which isn’t encoded. Hopefully Planet will like this.
If not I’ll have to fix it in the morning.

6 thoughts on “Atom feed and Planet Debian

  1. Yep, I’d noticed that. Strangely it complains if I don’t have it in there and I can’t see any difference between my feed and one of the
    example feeds on The problem was that planet doesn’t understand the <content type=”html”> mode where content is
    escaped. I changed it to type=”xhtml” where content is xml and the child is a <div> with the xhtml namespace defined. It looks like it’s understood that and hasn’t displayed the markup.

    I suspect need to upgrade their copy of feedparser to one that understands atom 1.0 properly.

  2. Brian Ewins
    on said:

    Any chance you could make the broken copy of the feed available (or just mail it to me)? It’d be interesting to try to track down the problem.

  3. Brian Ewins
    on said:

    Not your fault at all… it turns out even the latest planet doesn’t grok atom 1.0, its still got the old feedparser bundled. I dropped in the latest feedparser and it ‘just worked’. I’ll pass this on to -devel. Thanks!

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