Setting your terminal title in bash

I didn’t really want to write three articles about bash in a row, but
after my last article about Bash prompts Ralph Aichinger emailed me
asking about a feature he had in zsh, where his xterms show him the
current process and whether it was possible to do that in Bash. Never one to
refuse a challenge, I had a go and my
latest article
is the result.

3 thoughts on “Setting your terminal title in bash

  1. You should add a c to your echo command so you dont’ get spurious newlines.

    trap ‘echo -e “e]0;$BASH_COMMAND07″‘ DEBUG
    trap ‘echo -e “e]0;$BASH_COMMAND07c”‘ DEBUG

  2. Yes, crap, I’d forgotten I’d added on a -n to echo to fix that. Thanks for reminding me. I’ve updated the article.

  3. Hi,
    I liked having the command in the terminal window.
    It looks however like it is messing up things like this:

    cd $( pwd )

    Using rxvt on cygwin gives an error when running the above. Apparantly because the terminal title string is prepended to the output of pwd.

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