Did it ever occur to you that the comma rather than period in the email
address might possibly have been a genuine mistake rather than an attempt to
target you. Your excessively and increasingly paranoid and biased blog postings are
starting to piss me off. You managed to suggest that Madduck thought
that cookies should never be used. Reading his post you see he
referenced Sesse
who only said that people shouldn’t use cookies if they didn’t need to.
As for your assertion that wikipeda has a “extreme right-wing
viewpoint”, I sat and read both the blog entry you posted to and the
discussion page in question. You conviently failed to mention that
wikipedia’s problem with the FAQ is that it is the collective work of
anonymous contributors and edited by a person that google ranks below
the profile of some games player. (Oh sorry, forgot google is in on the
anti-mjray conspiracy). Wikipedia’s policy on sources clearly states
that primary sources should be “made available by a credible

When you’ve finished complaining, you might want to fix the link
element in your rdf to not point to itself.

One thought on “Slef-Harming

  1. Person who agrees
    on said:

    Agreed!  Also, “a:link,a:active { color: blue; } a:visited { color: purple; }” is invalid css as it doesn’t set background-color attributes for elements it sets the color for.

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