OMFG Google evil

, I think you’re distorting what is going on. Google are,
rightly, protective of their search results and work actively against
people that try to manipulate the search results. This is what
had done by giving a spam page to google and using javascript to
redirect users to the right page. As an aside, this would have broken
for text browsers or anyone without javascript. It’s not the pinicle of
accessibility is it? Google were protecting their index, not using it as
a vendetta against people it doesn’t like as you were suggesting. Stop
being so paranoid and stop distorting the story, or you’re no better
than the devil you’re trying to paint Google as.

One thought on “OMFG Google evil

  1. What BMW did was nasty, yes.

    What Google did was nasty too, which is what I’m trying to highlight. They are protective of their control of their search results, but not so much of the actual result quality. When a defect in their ranking method is exploited, they rank off a site to make an example of it, rather than just improve their methods and let things evolve.

    Googlers are serfs, begging or paying the googlemasters for index use. Or they could use another search engine (as I suggest), and not support Google’s invite-spam, arbitrary blacklists and sponsorship of the World Economic Forum.

    It’s not paranoia or distortion. It’s my opinion, based on the experiences and events I describe on that page. If you don’t agree, fair enough, but don’t distort this event into a BMW vs Google choice. Both got it wrong.

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