New Layout and Working Comments

One thing I forgot to mention is that I’ve been working on a new
layout for my website, which is mostly completed. Still need to do some
work on some of the styling, but I’m mostly happy with the layout of the
site. It’s not exactly an original design, but it’s a significant
improvement on the half style I used to have.

The next step is to improve the style so I don’t have to repeat the
style and html on every page and I’m hoping to do it without php. I have
some cunning plans involving python and xslt, but we’ll see how that

Also, after several months, I fixed my blog comments to not give a
500 Server Error, so people can now freely spam my comments. Turns out
that the comments plugin didn’t have write permission to the comments
directory, but pyblosxom kindly didn’t prove any hints beyond “Premature
end of script headers”. Cheers.

3 thoughts on “New Layout and Working Comments

  1. sunflowerinrain
    on said:

    Nice tidy elegant layout. There is a teensy problemette with the header being too big and splatting over other things.

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