Yesterday my employers, Runtime Collective, decided
that it might be a good idea if one of us attended GUADEC, and as I was
the only one that could make it, I am going on a trip to Stuttgart.
Yesterday afternoon was spent frantically hunting around for train
tickets. Managed to find tickets going out on Saturday evening and a
sleeper from Paris to Stuttgart arriving at 6:20 and returning Tuesday
night, Wednesday morning. Annoyingly we have seats on the overnight to
Stuttgart, but bunk beds on the way back. Fortunately, they had run out
of standard Eurostar tickets, so we get to go first class for the same
price. Should make up for spending 8 hours trying to sleep in a

Things in particular I want to see are keithp’s talk on the future of
X, Owen’s talk on Cairo and jdub’s talk on Project Topaz. Seeing as this
is a work trip, mjg59’s powermanagement, the Linux Desktop Migration and
the Public Sector Desktops will be required viewing too.

Oh and I’ve managed to drap lauranat along to be my official
translator, seeing as my only german phrase is likely to get me arrested
for perversion. That and the fact that she would have actually killed me
if I’d gone to Germany without her. Now I wonder if I can get work to
pay for her train ticket …

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