Finally managed to get my ipv6 transport working and gain access to a IA64 box running Debian (well
Ubuntu, but close enough) to debug the FTBFS on itanium (Thanks Thom). Turns out that
the Ubuntu package didn’t build either and after several aborted
attempts to play around with the static specifier, I noticed
that debian/rules special-cased not using -O2 on
ia64. Removed that and it now compiles on both at least i386 and
ia64. Hopefully my sponsor will build on powerpc and alpha for me

irssi-text (0.8.9-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Fix linker errors on IA64 by building with -O2 on that platform too.
  * Upload with medium urgency to get the previous fixes into sarge

 -- David Pashley <>  Sat, 19 Mar 2005 17:43:07 +0000

I also spent an hour or two this morning tracking down a bug when using a turkish locale. It
turned out that the perl plugin was taking the name of the different chat
networks (e.g. IRC, SILC) and lowercasing all but the first character using
g_strdown() to give the name of the perl module
(Irssi::Silc). The problem was that g_strdown() uses the
current locale to do the lowercasing and in turkish, the lower case of I is not
i. A quick change to use the newer g_ascii_strdown() and irssi now
starts in a turkish locale.

--- irssi-text-0.8.9.orig/src/perl/perl-common.c
+++ irssi-text-0.8.9/src/perl/perl-common.c
@@ -565,8 +565,8 @@
        chat_type = chat_protocol_lookup(rec->name);
        g_return_if_fail(chat_type >= 0);

-       name = g_strdup(rec->name);
-       g_strdown(name+1);
+       name = g_ascii_strdown(rec->name,-1);
+       *name = *(rec->name);

        /* window items: channel, query */
        type = module_get_uniq_id_str("WINDOW ITEM TYPE", "CHANNEL");

I have asked the submitter to check this bug and will upload once 0.8.9-3 is
in sarge. I also need to send this patch upstream. In the meantime if you use a
turkish locale, can you test out the package available at

irssi-text (0.8.9-4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Correctly lower case chat protocols using g_ascii_strdown() rather than
    using the deprecated g_strdown() (Closes: #232628)

 -- David Pashley <>  Wed, 23 Mar 2005 08:29:32 +0000

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