I’ve got soul …

I’ve just got back from the NME Awards tour at the Brighton Dome.
Fantastic line up; Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, Futureheads and The
Killers. I was a little bit worried that I might bump into Dawn, but
thankfully I managed to get there early and got a place right at the
front and didn’t move. Was probably a bad idea to drink alcohol
before hand, but I wasn’t moving and my bladder managed to survive
thousands of screaming fans squashing me against the barrier. Did
mean that I didn’t have to spend the evening worrying if she was
alone or not.

I’ve not heard much by Kaiser Chiefs, but they seemed pretty good.
I’m not sure if I’d buy their album, but I might go see them again
soon with some friends. I recognised a couple of their songs, but I
can’t think where I’ve heard them. I can’t put into words how I feel
about Bloc Party. They are definitely one of my favourite bands and I
can’t wait to get their album on the 14th. Tonight was the third time
I’ve seen Bloc Party. The Futureheads is another band that I hadn’t
heard much of before the gig, but I appear to recognise a few more
that I thought. I did think I wouldn’t bother getting their album
until I heard their new single. Definately worth buying the album
for. And then we had The Killers. I can’t get enough of the Killers.
If you haven’t listened to the album, you really should. You’ll be
hooked after a few listens. Again this is the third time I’ve seen them and
definately the best time.

I’m definately looking forward to see the same line up again on
Friday in Cambridge with Nikki. Appologies to Charlie, Em and
especially Lisa, who would appear to ever so slightly jealous. This
time I’ll take my camera so you can see.

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