I managed to pick up a copy of The Lost Riots on Friday and I’m in love.
This has to be one of the better albums I’ve bought recently. It has a
touch of The Verve about it, possibly due to the use of strings on quite
a few songs. Highly recommended.

The other CD I picked up was The Holiday Plan’s EP. I caught this band
up in Leeds, supporting Reuben, by chance, and having listened to the EP, they are as good
as I remember them. They are taking part in some competition on MTV2 to
win a recording contract. I hope they make it.

Talking of Reuben, I discovered the reason I couldn’t find their albums
was that it doesn’t come out until tomorrow. The bloke in Virgin
wouldn’t let me have a copy even though he said they had plenty in stock

Hopes Of The
   States - The Lost Riots
The Holiday Plan

Reuben was the other band I saw up in Leeds last month and managed to
pop in Virgin at TCR on Monday to get a copy. I really like this album.
They are sort of a heavier, but more playful, version of Hundred
Reasons. The highlight of the album is the current single, Freddy

Reuben -
   Racecar is Racecar Backwards