I’ve left my self a note to blog about mushrooms and I can’t for the
life of me remember why. I think it might be something to do with the
fact that mushrooms invoke strong reactions in people that other foods
just don’t seem able to do. People either love them or they hate them.
They are like marmite in that respect. I fall in to the latter camp. For
me it is more of the texture of them than the taste, but I really can’t
eat them.

Greens have kept their 2 MEPs[0], losing 0.1% of the vote, which is a
little disappointing. UKIP, on the other hand now have 12 MEPs. I’m not
convinced this is a good thing, even if they will vote against software
patents. The Liberal Democrats have one extra MEP too. Now if only can
trust them to vote for the party policy. This should give us somewhere
between 14 and 25 MEPs to vote against from UK.

BNP appear to have gained 4.1% of the vote to 5.2%, but thankfully no

[0] I think Scotland still hasn’t declared, so things may change.